• GENERAL CONTACT 91 484 2386000
  • EMERGENCY CONTACT 91 484 2381762 / 2381768

General Surgery Department

The department of Surgical Disciplines has four units

The department is providing regular services in multiple fields including minimally invasive surgery,plastic& reconstructive surgery, endocrine and breast surgery, and cancer surgery. The department runs a General Surgical OPD every day, The department provides emergency care for traumatic and non-traumatic emergencies round the clock. The department provides for consultation and care of patients suffering from chronic wounds, patients with benign and malignant diseases of the breast.

Statistics for 2019

Inpatient Admissions in 2019   is 2080


  • New cases                                  26870

  • Old cases                                   26753

Doctors in charge

S.No. Name Units E-Mail OP Days
1 Dr. Saji Mathew/Dr.Manoj Kushra S2/S4   MONDAY
2 Dr.ManojKushra S4   TUESDAY
3 Dr.Saji Mathew/Dr.Manoj Kushra S2/S4   WEDNESDAY
4 Dr.Saji Mathew /Dr.Dileep Kumar S2/S3   THURSDAY
5 Dr.Dileep Kumar S3   FRIDAY
6 Dr.Dileep Kumar S3   SATURDAY