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Telemedicine is a system which allows health care professionals to use inter-connected medical devices, in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients in remote locations, With the help of telecommunications technology,network computing, video-conferencing systems,data storage devices.The medical devices are capable of electronic data collection.

The Telemedicine department in GH, Ernakulam was started in October 2005. 

It was established with the help of ISRO, which selected GH, ERNAKULAM for its pilot Telemedicine project in the State of Kerala. This gave  birth to golden era in health care of India. By using this facility, the people in rural areas can enjoy specialist care without traveling to a far hospital but instead reach a nearest telemedicine centre.  It is not only a means for simple patient care, but also help doctors to broaden their knowledge by interacting with patients and different physicians of different centers. It can provide good health care service, without the barriers of distance.

The departments which participates with Telemedicine department for teleconsultations is Psychiatry, Radiology, Dermatology, Orthopedics, General Medicine, Ophthalmology, General Surgery,  Paediatrics, and Oncology. These departments forecast their services to rural and distant patients through Telemedicine network.

In General Hospital Ernakulam, Telemedicine department provides all educational and training activities.
In future Telemedicine will become a very important department in all hospitals.
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