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  • EMERGENCY CONTACT 91 484 2381762 / 2381768


Superintendent is the head of the instituition.She is in charge of the day to day activities of the hospital. Superintendent is assisted by Deputy Superintendent, RMO and ARMO in the administration of the Hospital.

Hospital Administrators

Superintendent Dr. Anitha A
Dept. Superintendent Dr. Asha John
R.M.O Dr. Shab Sherif
A.R.M.O Dr. Nibin Bose
Lay Secretary Mr. Sudarshanan K V


The administration is assisted by Nursing officer,Nursing Superintendents, Lay Secretary and other PROs and other office staff.

Hospital Development Society

Hospital Development Society chaired by District Collector makes the important decisions in the hospital.The society comprises of the membersa of Hospital Administration and representatives of various political parties.The HDS meets at regular intervals and taking important decisions for the development of the hospital.